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Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. In case you have another question we would like to hear from you. Do you want information on facilities at the Jaarbeurs or information that is specifically aimed at the building or areas, such as parking for the disabled, etc., please send an email to: or call visitors information Jaarbeurs Utrecht + 31.(0)30 295 5911


Do you have a question that relates specifically to the exhibition or organization Eurospoor, please send an email to:



Are there facilities for its less able and disabled visitors

Jaarbeurs Utrecht naturally has facilities for its less able and disabled visitors. There are several disabled lifts and toilets. In addition, the congress halls and the Beatrix Theatre have an infrared installation for the hearing impaired.
Car park P3, next to Entree Oost, has disabled parking places for holders of disabled permits.
Would you like more information? Send an e-mail to

Are steps befor the model railway tables provided so that even young children can see well?

We always ask model railroad clubs to smaller children to think in their participation and take. Footrests and such items These benches are usually made by the clubs themselves. In some clubs, the layout is already low, for example, 80 cm above the ground. Children stand in the fences also increase in this way their length. Thus, it is on its way and thought about, but it is not 100%. It is a gradual process.

Are there cash machines at Jaarbeurs?

Yes, there are cash machines (ATM) on the Jaarbeurs grounds. You can find them at Entrance East of the venue.

Are dogs permitted to the showground?

Dogs are not permitted to the showground.

Can I pay the entrance fee with PIN?

There are a number of cash desks where you can pay with PIN.

Is at the show also track equipment of brand X for sale?

When it comes to material of a known brand, for example from Märklin, Fleischmann or Roco it will most likely be available at the event. But just that that one catalog item you are looking for is to be found we course never can guarantee 100% for the simple reason that we as an organization do not know exactly what will be for sale.

Is this event suitable for children to go?

EUROSPOOR is definitely suitable for children to go. There is much to see on model trains, approximately 50 layouts in operation, but they can also play at various places with trains. And even ride in a train. Each year there are at least 2,000 children at Eurospoor.

Is it allowed to make photos and films?

All layouts can be photographed and filmed so that you'll treasure everything you have seen afterwards at home. But it is not allowed to place tripods, umbrellas etc. befor a layout for a long time.

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