Unfortunately no Eurospoor in 2023 either

= Unfortunately no Eurospoor event in 2023 either =   


Still too many uncertainties and price increases make risk too high


21 Januari 2023



Dear Eurospoor enthusiasts, ,


To get straight to the point: we have decided not to hold our Eurospoor event in 2023 either.



The current economic and geopolitical situation with high inflation and unstable energy prices make holding a major international event such as Eurospoor in 2023 too risky. In 2020 we had to stop the organization halfway through due to government decisions related to corona and in 2021 it would have made little difference whether Eurospoor2021 could not take place either. Two weeks later, another lockdown was announced that continued until the spring of 2022 and on top of that we had to deal with the consequences of the war in Ukraine, including further price increases, which meant that Eurospoor2022 could not be held either.



At the Jaarbeurs, the largest hall (hall 1) will be demolished and two parking spaces will be demolished to build apartments. The remaining two parking spaces have become at least a sloppy 20% more expensive, which of course also affects us. In addition, Jaarbeurs surprised us with much higher rates for a subsequent exhibition, making it impossible for us to hold our event at affordable prices for participants and visitors.



Now, January 2023, we have waited a while before finalizing our decision in the hope that the situation will improve, but we still do not think it is responsible to start organizing Eurospoor2023 and to enter into all kinds of financial obligations. There is currently nothing to do but wait for better times. When we find it acceptable to organize EUROSPOOR again, we will mention this here on the site.



We thank you for your patience and interest in Eurospoor. If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask. We are happy to help you.


Yours faithfully



Leo en Chitra Hendriksen

Tel. 0299-640354




April 12, 2022


= Unfortunately no Eurospoor in 2022 =   


Too many uncertainties and price increases make risk too high



Looking back at EUROSPOOR2021

Eurospoor2021 was successful last year. We thank all participants and visitors for their cooperation. Because it was not only a stressful year for the organization, it was also hectic for them. All those involved had to show the QR code and clubs that unsubscribed due to Corona and/or Brexit had to be replaced, which further increased the already high workload. Despite the fact that we received a few thousand fewer visitors, the fair was still a success. The mandatory QR check and fear among many older visitors ensured that we received our lowest number of visitors ever (approx. 12,000). Visitors and participants thanked us for the courage and perseverance in holding an edition of our fair despite all the great risks. .


EUROSPOOR2021 was also one of the few consumer fairs that could take place within the Jaarbeurs. How risky this was became apparent less than two weeks later when much stricter corona measures were announced by the government. Among other things, the limitation of the number of visitors to 1250 meant that from 12 November no more trade fairs could take place in the Jaarbeurs. It became apparant that we went through the eye of a needle




It is actually only from March 23 that holding large-scale events will be possible again. However, the world is now quite different and it is also not certain whether the Corona pandemic is really on its way back. Should the virus revive, and this usually happens in the autumn, when Eurospoor takes place, new government measures could make holding our event impossible.




Due to the international character of Eurospoor, where many foreign clubs and visitors travel to Utrecht, the international corona situation is also important. However, foreign participants cannot say with certainty at this time whether they will actually be able to participate in the event in the fall. Another uncertainty is energy prices. The current inflation of 12%, partly caused by a sharp rise in energy and petrol prices, means that Eurospoor would be a lot more expensive than usual for the organisation, participants and visitors. The price for heating 150,000 m3 of hall space in October will increase sharply when energy prices double. Just to name a few. Eurospoor has many loyal visitors and participants, but the question arises whether considerably higher rates will not affect the enthusiasm.


Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to assess the situation in autumn. It is quite possible that by then it will turn out that a successful event would be possible. Due to the long preparation time for Eurospoor, however, we cannot wait for that, as because of the lockdown we had to postpone the final decision (go-no-go phase) on holding the trade fair already too long.




In view of the many uncertainties (as described above) we, Leo and Chitra, have decided not to organize Eurospoor in 2022. We realize that this is a disappointment for many. But the risks are simply too great at the moment. We are now focusing on EUROSPOOR2023. As usual, this will also be planned in October 2023. An exact date is not yet available, but as soon as there is, it will be announced on our website. This edition, all Eurospoor fans will once again be able to enjoy everything there is to experience in the field of model railways for three days as usual!


If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask. We are happy to help you.


Yours sincerely



Leo en Chitra Hendriksen

Tel. 0299-640354




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